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Our Core value

Our Core value

Nature Himalaya's innovative programs are designed connecting Nepal's attraction exploration with authentic experiences of local cultures and typically dishes which will make everyone an unforgettable real life changing experience. As a professional and responsible tour operator in Nepal, our core values mirror how we make decisions and conduct themselves in communications with each other, customers, organizations, communities and partners.

As we believe the power of teamwork we train, inspire and authorize our staff to communicate and support each other to achieve exceptional result in everything we do. We aim for keeping balance and harmony within our team members where no one is overburden and no one is over-powering. We are dedicated to conducting our business dealings with our team and guest, co- partners with the supreme professionalism, honesty and fairness.

We are devoted to always delivering excellence in all we do, through our genuineness and personal attention to each individual. As we are truly innovators and our constant search and research for new ideas, better solutions and more efficient ways keep our company lively with full of energy by empowering to our team to think as leaders and act as leaders to innovate and grow in some small ways every day.

We are passionate about Nepal, travel and excellence. We are glad in doing an excellent job, enjoying at our work and bringing fun, listening to our customer, being responsible about communities and environment, building positive relationship, delivering safe and exceptional services to our customers.

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