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Our History

Yam Itani
Founder and Managing Director

Yam Itani from a village of Dhading district of Nepal and living in Kathmandu for the past 20 years after finishing his high school’s study in the village. In his former life, he had to work hard to support his parents and in fulfilling the basic needs. He had to walk every day for around 4 hours to the school and back. Working hard is his habit since childhood, it was his compulsion too since there was no one responsible except him in his family, he is working still hard. He says that working hard and honesty is a gift given by God to him, and his duty as well.

As a young person 19 years ago while he was 21 years old, he has started his carrier as a porter to the mountains in travel and tourism that was his high passion to be a travel professional and expert. After a few years struggling as a porter, he promoted as to a guide along with a government license. He wanted to learn about the world and about himself. He saw travel as an adventure and deep down as a way to become more of the person he wanted to be. Before entering in this field, he decided the travel and tourism is the best by which he can enjoy and get experience with more people from varying backgrounds, cultures, countries and religions across the globe.

Due to a continuous struggle and growing experience he got the chance to get as more as deeper about the world and the tourism industries. Finally he founded this Nature Himalaya Adventure that is a platform not only for business, also he committed to delivering a perfect and qualitative services to his valuable customers what they pay for.He is supporting the world to make a better place by helping the rural and indigenous communities and preserving and protecting environment and making a fund for incapable and disaster relief in many regions of Nepal.

His vision is to connect people to life-enriching travel experiences and to play a part in creating a more caring tourism industry and his mission is to be the online platform for traveling across the world.

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