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Why Travel With Nature Himalaya ?

Why Travel With Nature Himalaya ? Nature Himalaya is a responsible travel & tourism agency in Nepal and our tour packages planned differently and worthly which prefer for most of customers.

Responsible Travel & Tourism
Nature Himalaya is committed to adopting a responsible manner to the areas we visit. Our efforts in sustainability as a responsible travel reproduce our commitment to the scheme that our future generation will have a magnificent natural environment to explore throughout their lives.

As a responsible tourism company, our aim is giving back more to the communities and the natural surroundings that we help you to visit. The spirit of our way of traveling is conserving and replenishing the natural environment and preserving cultural heritage while improving the lives of local people and we unite into every decision and action we take at Nature Himalaya.

All our operations in every area are planned with responsible tourism in mind in a way socially, environmentally and culturally. We believe that our clients have an important responsibility to participate as well, with each person eventually deciding the general impact of the group in the area we visited.

Travel Done Differently
We, Nature Himalaya Adventure impart you with the best as far as we can. Our hardworking and professional team is committed with one and only aim to provide you with fair and outstanding services so that you can easily cope with us.

We supply you with an excellent accommodation facility in accordance with what type of place we are traveling. Depending on the budget, hotels of best quality and standards are chosen by us. We persuade you won't have any problem regarding the residential service.

Anytime availability
You can contact us every 24/7 for any queries regarding the trips. Our team will be available every time to help you out. So, don't hesitate to communicate with us to learn more.

We can also accept the request for travel with 1 or 2 people. It will be as per your request. We can manage it as private travelers or if you don't have enough group to travel with then we can let you join other groups from our company.

We Care for your Safety
If you are traveling with us the first thing we care about and give most importance to is your safety. Thus, your safety is our responsibility. We have highly trained and professional guides in first aid, for your personal health protection. We assure you to give provision of oxygen cylinders and first aid kits in all the trips you travel with us without any compromise. We will also make the availability of PAC bags if necessary. Moreover, we guarantee that you won't have any regrets regarding medical facilities while you are traveling with us as we, Nature Himalaya Adventure have fair, professional and technical guides for the safety of your health.

Fully Locally Owned Company
Nature Himalaya is fully locally owned company. We are completely oriented towards providing services to local tourists.W e don't care about our personal benefits and merits. We are fully focused on what services we should offer for our present and upcoming guests.

Quality of Service & Competitive Price
To make your trip unforgettable and experienceable, it's not necessary that the trip must be of high budget. Thus, our team attempts to provide you with the best trip with affordable budget. Within the competitive prices around, we offer you with any trips you want.

Professional & Expert Working Team
A successful trip requires a trained and organized team. Nature Himalaya provides a very skilled and amazing team for the successful accomplishment of tours for our visitors, guests, and customers. In fact, we have the representatives who are expert for your working. This is one of the pleasures you get by choosing Nature Himalaya.

We provide financial protection
To get the assurance of the company for protection from any risk during the trip is the most required for the customer. No company can be trusted easily.Since some authorizations are needed to be trusted, our professional and hardworking team's company is authorized by Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal, Nepal Mountaineering Association, Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal.

Special Deals
Nature Himalaya is no similar to any other service provider. We have some specialties as compared to others and we do hope that you can find something different in us. Our hospitality is warm and we welcome you warmly from the bottom of my heart.

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