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Short & Easy Trekking

Nepal offers not only long treks, also propose a variety of treks to all types of trekking enthusiast. Among the many types of treks we purpose, Short and Easy Trekking is also one of best for those who have not enough time and also physically not able to do all treks. From the world’s most extreme trek, “the great Himalayan Trail” to the most beautiful one-day hikes in the world, Nepal satisfies the desires of every type of trekking followers.

If you wish to taste the beauty of trekking in this Himalayan heaven, but cannot afford the hard physical strain, then Nepal has a beautiful yet easy trek to offer you.Here we offer some of the best short and easy treks in Nepal. With completely no risk of Acute Mountain Sickness, these types of short and easy treks in Nepal are great for families, elderly and children who can enjoy the life in the village along with an easy walk alongside nature’s rapture.

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