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Village Tours in Nepal

Village Tours in Nepal actually provides you chances to be acquainted with the local people of different races of Nepal. We have nearly 191 ethnic groups and 92 spoken languages and it’s a big deal that you will be able to make intimacy with the people of different ethnic groups.

Moreover, you will be walking through the lush forests, challenging hills and dainty villages which will be a different experience that you have never enjoyed before. You will obtain a chance to stay in one of the houses as a family member, observe the pleasing and amazing festivals, try out their cultures, and get the local food and other local items and many other activities.

Village tour provides an extraordinary moment to enjoy authentic Nepal, a country of cultural diversity. Inspiring, experienced and educating, a village tour can help you to get info about the roots, practice and existence of cultures and traditions of Nepal.

Nature Himalaya offers village tours with warm and pleasing hospitality.

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