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Things to do in Nepal

Things to do in Nepal

Being an adventurous country, there are thousands of things to do in Nepal. Nepal is a heaven for a nature lover, playground for adventure lover, the religious site for a religious person, the garden of culture for the one who wants to learn others culture. Since Nepal has this variety, there is no doubt in saying that Nepal is small only in the economy but far richer in natural beauties, adventure, and culture. As for major things to be done here, you can check it out below:

Trekking and Hiking
Among many travel activities, Trekking in Nepal is the most attraction for all travelers. Every year several hundred thousands of travelers choose for ultimate adventure of trekking in Nepal. Nepal is a paradise for all kinds of trekkers, from easy grade to strenuous and really challenging grade and to the base camp of the highest mountain. Due to the risk in this activity, it's not suitable for the inexperienced ones, in terms of geography, people, religions, and cultures. Trekking in Nepal is a walk from village to village. However, it's not simply a walk from one stop to another searching for the final destination and concerned with distances but a beautiful walk with pleasure. The treks such as The camping trek, tea house/Lodge trek, backpacking trek, hiking and many more are very popular among Nepal.

Nepal is a home of the world's highest peak, Mt.Everest. This tiny country contains eight of the 10 highest peaks in the world, including Mount Everest and Kanchenjunga. Besides many expeditionary peaks, there are 33 minor peaks, which can be climbed by trekkers. Despite the fact that it is difficult and dangerous, people involves in this keeping the risk of pleasure and personal satisfaction. However, this activity is not suitable for trekkers who do not have substantial experience.

Rock Climbing
Due to Nepal's geography and landscapes, it offers good spots for rock climbing. For this activity, a lot of experience and training is required. Some spots for this activity is situated in the environs of Shivapuri Watershed and Wildlife reserve, Nagarjun Royal forest. However, some spots seem to be found in Kathmandu whereas for the beginners the centers offering artificial walls can also be found such as Pasang Lhamu Mountaineering Academy and soon.

Village tour
Within the beautiful greenery and small houses, village tour is the tour done for cultural exchange and experience the hospitality of the people. This tour has been recently introduced in Nepal. This includes the rural and remote areas where homestay is used as accommodation rather than standard hotels. In this tour, hygienic meals are served with the family and you can enjoy the cultural programs of the community people there. However, it's all about the memories to be collected the pleasing character, warm welcome and hospitality of the Nepalese people.

Jungle safari
As Nepal is known as country, there is no doubt in saying that Jungle safari can be perfectly done in Nepal. Without a Jungle safari in Nepal your trip of Nepal is incomplete. Within the wild lives chanting, making better relation with flora and fauna let you deepen in nature. In Nepal, there are 16 national parks including  Chitwan National park, One of the 10 UNESCO world heritage sites of Nepal. This activity is offered at Parsa Wildlife reserve, Chitwan National Park, Royal Bardiya National Park and many more.

Bird Watching
It was estimated that about 847 species of birds are found in Nepal. Out of all, one of the bird only found in Nepal is Spiny Babbler (Kande Bhyakur). Due to this large species of birds found in Nepal, It has been the attraction for Bird watching. Mainly, these birds are protected in Chitwan National Park. Consequently, Chitwan National Park receives a bunch of tourists every year.

Bungee Jumping
Without any training and better experience, Bungee jump involves the activity where specially made rubber rope is used. Popular among the western world, mainly in Switzerland, this activity needs much gut with willing power and better health condition. As for Nepal, Bungee Jumping so far has been carried out by only one organization, the Last resort, 10 km inside the Nepal-Tibet border on the Araniko Highway.

Paragliding, it’s the one way through which people can satisfy their dream of flying. In Nepal, this activity can be done in Pokhara, through Sunrise Paragliding office. Rising currents of warm air experiencing the rising currents of warm air, it’s a great opportunity to witness the breathtaking views of Machhapuchre, Annapurna, Manaslu, Phewa Lake. Experienced ones can fly on their own but people without any experience can take help of the one handling that.

Unique geographical formation of Nepal has generated the most exciting rafting rivers in Nepal. The rapid rivers of Nepal flowing here and there emerging from high mountains and mysterious plateaus provide perfect opportunity to enjoy rafting in Nepal. The big rivers with beautiful geographical landscapes increase the curiosity of people. Also, this trip does not need any better experience and training. However, it is also a dangerous and fearful experience which involves risk. There are chances of people sinking in water and found that most are unable to swim. The rivers of Nepal such as Trishuli, Sapta Koshi, Karnali, Sapta Gandaki, etc are best for rafting.

Though various restrictions are done for wildlife hunting and Nepal has allowed, controlled and planned hunting, Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve gives the freedom of hunting. The animal that is Blue sheep and The Himalayan Thar is highly wanted animals. For hunting, you must have a proper license but is restricted to certain times of the year.

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