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Local Living

Local Living is the most progressive and ideal way of traveling. Through local living, you will get to know about the lifestyles, customs, practices, religions, cultures, languages and traditions of the Nepalese in Nepal. This will lead you to completely learn about Nepal.

There’s no better way to get to understand a country than by immersing yourself right into the heart of it, and this Local Living will simply help you to do just that. Make yourself at home in the farming villages with courteous, friendly and honest people. These people will welcome you with their heart since they consider guests as the God. Learn the languages, listen to the stories of the old ones. Also, you can stay as a local in the cities. Pick up the ingredients from the nearby markets and enjoy Nepalese cooking demonstrations. You will just love it. You will leave Nepal a different person than you arrived and also a better cook.

Try the delicious varieties of food, try the spicy items and try the Nepali Daal Bhat. Once you try, you can't help eating it. Live with the joint families, meet with their children and receive their hospitality. You will admire it. Their way of greeting you, talking to you and other small things are what impress you. You can have sight-seeing with the locals there. You can communicate with them and share your opinions. Local living offers a lot to you whether it be in the tiny traditional villages like Ghandruk or the big modern cities like Thamel as the things in Nepal are totally different for you.

Nature Himalaya Adventure doesn't care wherever you go and whatever you do. However, we just make attempt our the best of us to make your visit to Nepal awesome. We will be pleased to communicate with you for further details.


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