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Bhutan Travel Info



A country of mysterious culture and preserved culture since the centuries, a country with monk, monasteries, is Bhutan, also known as a Buddhist kingdom on the eastern edge of Himalayas. Bhutan is must visit place. However, some places are restricted to visit here which have preserved the cultures of the place over the centuries. Living within their traditional way of life, Bhutanese people are friendly in nature with their co operational behavior.

Every visitor should pay fixed daily fee of US$ 200-250, to visit Bhutan, accommodation, meals, transportation, amenities included.

Things to do in Bhutan
The most important thing you can do there is to be acknowledged about the preserved cultures, values, customs and tradition. To take part in traditional festivals is an interesting part for the visitor there.The must visit places there are Temples of Divine Madam, Punakha Dzong, Kichu Lhakang, Paro Taktsang.

Best time to visit Bhutan
The time to travel there depends upon the region you're visiting since different regions have different climatic conditions. The time of months march and April is considered as the best time to travel since in this time the climate is pleasant and dry. The sky seems clear and sunny in the month December so this time can also be preferred to travel. Due to outstanding weather conditions during September, October, and November this season is the most occupied tourist seasons.

Entry Requirements
This page of description includes the documents needed to be taken while travelling regarding visa, passports, if you're travelling by air.

Visa and Passport information
To enter and exit Bhutan you'll need a passport and visa. The validity of passport should be about 6 months. If you want to extend your stay, feel easy to contact British Honorary Consul to Bhutan. As, for your visa you must be sure that you get right visa. If you are found travelling in wrong visa, you will be ostracized or blacklisted. Your visa will be issued upon your arrival. The visa clearance should be received by the visitors from Thimpu before visiting Bhutan except the nationals from Bangladesh, Maldives and India.

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