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Within the lap of Indian Ocean and snowcapped peaks of Himalayas, India is a culturally rich country where people are more religious compared to other countries. With its surprising landscapes, variety in culture it has been fascinating number of tourists every year.Here are many architectural temples, Stupas, monasteries. Apart from this, its richness in natural beauty can't be compared. Its a mysterious country with lots of history hidden in it. Also, one of the seven wonders of the world Taj Mahal is in this country.

Ranging from its clothing to food everything is different in this country. However, since Nepal and India is a neighboring country some foods and clothing matches with the people living in the Terai region of Nepal. No wonder it has its own specialties. This page provides you a travel advice to those who are awaited to visit India so that there won't be any complications on your visit.

Things to do in India
Either buying clothes in local bazaars with a bargain or wander around the busy city for peace, India is the perfect city for those who look around for Bollywood blockbuster. Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad can be taken as an example for this. The things you can enjoy the most here are: firstly, India is fantastic in its cooking, so if you are food cravers then India is perfect for you. Secondly, if you are a religious person and want to visit cultural sites then, India is waiting for you. Moreover, India is love.

Best time to visit in India
India receives tourist all around the year, However, the time from October to March. The major three seasons there are summer, winter, and monsoon. Majority of tourist visit India in summer and winter season. In India, the summer season is beast for adventure sports whereas winter is for snow adventures. The summer season is from March to may, the monsoon is from June to October and lastly, winter is from November to February.

Entry requirements
This page of description includes the documents needed to be taken while traveling regarding visa, passports if you're traveling by air.

Passport and visa information
Before traveling to India you'll need to arrange your passport and visa as per the validity. Make sure the validity of your passport is minimum for six months. With 2 blank pages for your visa, your passport must be machine readable. Thus, it must be arranged in a proper so that any complications can be avoided. As, for your visa, you must be sure that you get right visa. If you are found traveling in the wrong visa, you will be ostracized or blacklisted. Besides that, for that nationality of Pakistan processing time for visa applications will be longer than for others.

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